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Guy Katsovich

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Guy Katsovich is the Co-Founder & Parner at Fusion LA, the first accelerator for Israeli start-ups in Los Angeles.

Katsovich brings enormous energy, creativity and expertise from the world of start-ups to his role at Fusion LA. Fusion LA is the first accelerator for Israeli start-ups in Los Angeles. The accelerator selectively accept ~6 teams every 6 months to go through its intensive mentorship-driven program.

Katsovich and his partners help our portfolio companies commercialize their products, "Americanize" their value propositions and adapt their go-to-market strategies to the US market. During the program, the team facilitates meetings between our Israeli founders and Venture Capitalists, tech executives & like-minded entrepreneurs in LA and Silicon Valley.

Fusion LA vision is to support a long-term bridge of innovation between the LA & Israeli tech ecosystems.

EISP 8200

Katsovich serves as an Active Board Member and a Former Managing Director of 8200 EISP program, an accelerator for early-stage entrepreneurs in Israel. The EISP program was established by graduates of Unit 8200 to mobilize their alumni network to help Israeli entrepreneurs with their start-ups, as a way of sharing their success and ‘paying it forward’. 8200 EISP is run as a non-profit organization. To date its 140 start-ups have raised funding of over $450M in total and employ more than 500 people.

For 2.5 years, Katsovich has managed the accelerator activities, including strategic planning of the program's work plan in general and the accelerator in particular; developing a community of mentors, service providers and supporters; was responsible of all content strategy and curriculum; marketing strategy and activities; and working with the program's sponsors (as well as engaging with new ones).

During that time, he has established the 8200 EISP accelerator as a leader in its category; quadrupled our number of applicants (from ~100 to more than 400); community has grown by 6x (from ~900 members to more than 6,000); and 7 new sponsors has been added (2x growth in less than two years).

Katsovich was privileged to work with and mentor almost 40 start-ups (90% of them are still active, 7 of them raised a A round); initiated and led two road shows for our start-ups to Silicon Valley and Los Angeles; and enriched our network by engaging with dozens of professional investors. During his term, 3 of our graduates made an "exit" and were acquired.

The Beginning: Service in 8200 Unit

Katsovich’s leadership and management skills and creativity were evident during his IDF service in Unit 8200, where he received numerous excellence citations for his work on various projects using innovative cyber-technology and ‘Big Data’. He went on to establish several innovative social ventures, as well as initiating various creative projects in the news and media sector in which he worked, and became a director of the successful reputation management start-up, Veribo. 

Media, Marketing & Management Experience

Following his military service in the 8200 unit, Katsovich became a journalist on the staff of Israel’s leading financial news outlet “Globes”, focusing on stories relevant to the investment and financial sectors. He was also involved in the media company’s business development section, including managing its popular science blog and organizing profitable speaker events featuring respected Globes columnists. 

After Globes, Katsovich joined Veribo, a start-up specializing in online reputation management, as Director of Marketing and Business Development. He helped the company to identify opportunities for business expansion by monitoring trends in online marketing, oversaw the company’s business planning, and directed its marketing and public relations activities. 

Social Entrepreneurship

In his spare time, Katsovich established two new social action start-ups. Lendu is an online community which enables its 3,000 members to borrow and lend items to one another through its web-based cooperative economy. The Wize Project organizes top quality lectures and social events for young people on topics such as science, hi-tech and entrepreneurship. They have held over 500 events in 12 cities over the past 6 years. Katsovich started the organization and was instrumental in obtaining a grant of $150,000 from The Trump Foundation. He currently serves as the Chairman of Wize.

During this time, he was also an active member of the Unit 8200 alumni association, responsible for organizing events for the new alumni. He initiated social entrepreneurship projects for the organization and raised funds for its Social Entrepreneurship Technology Acceleration Program.

He is also apart of the establishment team of 2 other Israeli accelerators - Hybrid and The Social Program.

In 2016 he was chosen to Forbes "30 Under 30" prestigious list of young innovators and entrepreneurs.


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